A Little Bit About Me


I have realized that I haven’t formally introduced myself. I am Rebecca White. I am 25 years old and I live in a small town in Alabama. I started taking photos a little bit after high school. Before that, I sucked at taking photos. I couldn’t take a photo without my fingers getting in the way. I was inspired to start taking photos when we went to California. We went to an Ansel Adams gallery in San Francisco and my eyes lit up when I saw how beautiful his photos were. Ever since then I have been crazy about taking photos of nature.

I’ve never been big on taking photos of people. I have severe social anxiety and general anxiety, so people are not really my “thing”. I have issues with panic attacks and being able to go outside is a challenge for me. When I go and take photos, my anxiety disappears. It is the only time I feel relaxed. It is just me and nature. One of the goals for me as a photographer is to show how I see the world. I hope I am achieving that goal!


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