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Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

Well, we had an eventful day today. We went to the place that was supposed to be having autocross and no one was there. That is because we read the date wrong and it was actually last year. Needless to say we felt like dopes. I didn’t want to waste the day, so we went to Oak Mountain State Park instead. I only got two photos out of the adventure due to the pouring rain and bad lightning. It was a fun day anyway.

DSCN1546 DSCN1575


Autocross Shootout!

I am going to Birmingham on Sunday to take photos of the Autocross event they are having! I am so excited! Here is a photo I took last time I went with my husband. DSCN0464kjh

Piggy Bank

Here is one of my favorite photos I took. It was at my cousin’s house up in Colorado. I love the simple things in life.



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My Beautiful Monday!

It was so beautiful outside. Here are some photos I took this evening.